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My Journey

I started streaming as a way to meet new people. The first game I streamed was DS3. That was fun because I’m really into no-hit runs, hence why the name NOHITJEROME.


Back in 2019, I had like 3 to 10 people watching the streams, but as time went by I wanted to include more friends into the Dark Soul’s community. The best way I found to do that was by hosting several “no-hit” tournaments.  


With that in mind, I decided to organise my first event: ds3 any%! You know, the type of event that generates attractive, different, and entertaining content for the competitive gaming niche.


After that, I had the opportunity to organise five more: bloodborne all boss, ds3 all boss and trilogy and ds3 all boss + DLC. The tournament initiative gave me the chance to make a name for myself in the DS3 community. After all, all gamers love to show their competitive side. 


Aside from the event, I streamed No-hits runs pretty regularly. In fact, I was the world’s third to achieve a No Damage run in Sekiro shortly after launch.


When Classic WoW launched, I wanted to try out the contest formula in a new game, so I decided to host a WoW Classic 24 hour race. This last one was the largest so far and actually the one who got me into Classic WoW. In that opportunity, we counted with the community’s involvement with fantastic big streamers, such as SquillaKilla, Otzdarva, Kwitty23, FaraazKhan, Catalystz, Ahady, bottom two, and GinoMachino.


After that, I started streaming Classic pretty much every day. Finding new ways to introduce fun elements to the stream, like the dances, the socks, the yoga poses, the peepers, etc..


Just a few months into playing WoW the amount of support I got from my community allowed me to transition into full time streaming and eventually, a partnership deal with Twitch and StreamElements.


The support I get from the WoW is unprecedented, this new game and streaming schedule allowed me to meet and became friends with some big streamers like Mizkif, CobaltStreak and TipsOut.


Recently I’m dedicating all my time into streaming full time; I can´t believe I’m finally working in something that I truly love and enjoy. I really can´t thank my community enough.

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